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Living Scripture

Nurturing the Embryonic God

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"A godform that's formless, that's forming in the baby in your mind..."
-Daniel Higgs

Contrary to popular disbelief, the Law of the universe evolves. This is that evolution in action. Fiction is a door to actualization, as demonstrated by the major world religions. When Will is focused on Myth, the Word becomes Flesh.

Verbum Caro Factum Est.

This community has a specific purpose: to record in parallel to its members' lives a fiction that inevitably, consciously or otherwise, reflects these lives. This story, as has already been observed by its progenitors, is a skeleton that is being fleshed out via Synchronicity.

Interestingly, a very similar process underlies the ficticious works of other authors that have had synchronistic significance in the lives of this community's members. The Illuminatus! Trilogy of Robert Anton Wilson, the VALIS trilogy of Philip K. Dick, and the Invisibles by Grant Morrison are prime examples. They induced a disturbing level of Synchronicity in the lives of their authors and then subsequently in the lives of many of their readers. In particular, these authors would write fiction, and then only later see it come into being, as if it had always been, and had been merely tapped or channeled by them.

We are interested in this process, and this source of Information that we seem to all have access to, the Divine Wisdom, the Logos, the Pink Beam of Light, or whatever it is.

My friends and I when we were younger developed an extensive mythos and cosmology, rather innocently, and invested a considerable amount of Will in this act. In the years to follow, we would realize how powerful such an act can be. Describing some of the bizarre Synchronicity that has resulted from this to a friend of mine, he responded: "So this is how you bring a God into Being."

Later still we would realize that every Idea is a little universe, a mustard seed worth of faith, that if nurtured, can expand into a Reality.

It would seem that from this point of view, reality tunnels are Godforms, and they are living, evolving Beings, or more accurately, Processes, that sustain a Veil through which the One Universe can be perceived.

We are in the business of nurturing such Embryonic Gods.