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The Story of Mr. Black

If you want to participate, add any amount to the story you like, and mail
it to a mamber of the posse, if you dont want to participate, just mail it
on to a mamber of the posse, preferably not the member you recieved it from,
if you wish to proofreed or whatever that shit is called where you get rid
of the errors, go ahead. And if you wish to do that gramar shit or whatever
go ahead. If you even wish to rewrite stuff, so that it makes more sense go
right ahead, this is noones property, so do with it as you like. Just try
to get it back to the creator whoever that may be so that he may take a
gander at the evolving story of Mr. Black.

Once upon a time there was a man named mr. black. The thing about mr black,
is he really didnt have a name, and people werent even sure he was a guy,
but they refered to him as mr black, because when someone is in the
newspapers, they need to give people a name, so everyone knows who they are
refering to. So it was said that the villain, dressed in black would be
refered to as mr black, even thou his gender, was unknown. Maybe he wasnt
even a human, but that was too far out for people to imagine. One day in
the newspapers there was a story about a man named mr.black. The article in
the papers, well lets not get ahead of ourselves, see there werent articles
about mr black to begin with, it started off as a front page picture of a
man in black fleeing from a scene, with the headline.. CATASTROPHY!

What had happened to cause such an eerie front page of april 24ths newspaper
for the year 2002. Well as the picture on the front page suggests, the
person was fleeing from the scene. Now what scene you say, what had
happened on april 23rd, 2002, is something that would change the reality
this world knew to exist, or rather bring about the inevitable. There is
always a possability for certain things to occur, certain things we all
know, and sometimes fear. But it seems so far out, that we always laugh at
ourselves whenever we think about, and we like to keep it stuffed in the
back of our mind. But on this day the newspaper was talking about, that
thing, or rather the beggining of it took place. Mr black as he had been
pretensiouly labeled had participated in the destruction of a human being.
Realize to say this person was killed would be an understatement. What was
left was a pile of charred ashes, usually when an apple is smashed there is
chunks left as if to suggest there once was an apple, when an apple is
destroyed, it is as if the apple never existed in the first place, something
extreme must have happened to this human, to leave them in a pile of ashes
rather than a pile of limbs with jagged bones poking out. This however
would have been more dramatic, and suited the situation much more.

Why you ask would a pile of ash, a mysterious man, and a newspaper mark the
beggining of the inevitable. This explanation must be going to a person who
knows nothing of what was to come or else this would question would not be
asked. It would be like to ask, what number came first in a sequence, if
the 2nd, 3rd and 4th numbers, were two, three, and four.
It would be obvious to anyone that a safe presumption would be 1. To answer
your question, we will say the man is 1, the ash is 2, and the newspaper,
must be 5. 3 would be the reporter, and 4 would be the printing press. 6
of course, would have to be Dr. Live reading the newspaper. Who is Dr Roed
Live. Dr Roed Live was a good guy, at least thats what the authorities
thought. He was sort of an independant detective that was always where the
action was and seemed to solve situations for the police. Earned there
trust, so much so that they gave him access to there "computer" files in
time. Just after the incident which later's was captured on the front of
the newspaper, Dr Live, appeared on the scene and quickly concluded that the
man in black, had used some sort of particle device to turn to the human to
ash in a matter of seconds, why this was done he concluded was to acquire
something, but what was unknown. The person who was destroyed, identity was
unknown, and is still unknown to this day. This was very simple to deduce
because the earth is made up of an uncountable amount of people at any time,
most of which are unaccounted for by computers. People go missing everyday,
and appear unnoticed everyday, so to accuratly place a label to who was
destroyed would be impossible. Dr Live, explained all this as well as the
other details formerly given.

Sometime between when this event took place and about two weeks later a rash
of similar attacks took place globaly. To use the word rash, and globaly in
the same sentance you must understand that a great many attacks took place,
a number definatly in the thousands. This realizing the possability that
the attack on the 23rd may not have been the first case, but the first known

The items taken from each attack were the soul of the human destroyed. The
story of a device destroying them was a believable story given to hide the
truth, that when a soul is taken from a human body, it collapses in on
itself, and all that is left is some carbon.

Mr Black went missing for some time, but before this period, he was last
spotted in NYC before it was nuked. The origin of the missle was unknown,
but clues given to the WPO were written on a piece of paper and resembled

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