octagonal noon (octagonalnoon) wrote in livingscripture,
octagonal noon

June 21, 2001

Back in 2001, notchaos sent me the following email and attached story. This inspired a sequence of emails among friends in which began to generate a curious joint fiction. This writing ceased at some point, but in reading Phil Dick's Divine Invasion, I realized some glaring similarities between it and my contribution to the email story. In Dick's story, a young boy named Emmanuel, who is actually the Lord Yahweh incarnate come to Earth to save humanity, meets a young girl named Zina. When I read this, it strongly triggered my memory of my story piece, in which I wrote of a young boy and girl who are swinging on a swingset in an urban playground in the ruins of an apocalyptic New York City. I had forgotten their names, and almost suspected that my character was named Emmanuel.. it turns out that it was rather Alessandro, and the girl Maria. Anyway, I turned the page of the book, and proceeded to read something like 'ok Zina, go take Emmanuel and play on the swingset.' This comes back into the book later with much significance. Another feature is the enigmatic black notebook with the pink elastic band. The reference to pink here, before any of my experiences with the pink gnosis, which themselves came before I read VALIS even, is very, very curious.

Anyway. Here's notchaos's email as the next post. Following that will be my response.

In subsequent posts, I want gn0s1s_23 and then zeppo to rewrite their components, and then whoever else we can get involved, and then cycle back through this list of people.
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