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Yahweh and the furious 5

It was about 8 o'clock, when he finished his living symbyosis of himself. "Ah ha!" he exclaimed,"now i can expiriance new things through my inventions!" With a breath to animate it all, Santa Rose to his Jolly feet, "Ho! Ho! Ho!, the three kings of the Peng Empire!"... Dot in and out,...
Something is wrong i thought,he thought, "i can't remember who i am!" he said losing grip on his centurfuge. i said losing grip on my chenturfuge. we said losing grip on his centurfuge.

Final Mission: The Forever Mission

Build Humpty all over again.


I was sad to see him go.. but never again.

His eyes transfixed on that latent structure pouring forth from his lazy eye. The nexus was green, and a thought had sprung forth out of the dim petal line, crossed referanced he was right. I was right, John Moon was right. It was all up to Franky Figs.
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