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The Evil Doer

Reod had been working for the cops for some time or so they thought. To understand their relationship, you would have to know how it started. Reod before he was Dr. Live was a police officer himself. He at the bright young age of 18 fresh out of high school, had decided that he would like to enforce the wonderful peace. He went to law school, and did all the necessary volunteering and training until he was the fittest strongest trainey he could be. He eventually landed a position in a precinct out of state, and thus had to move. On his first patrol mission in his new home of new york, he and his partner were cruising in a patrol car on a nondescript evening. As they drove they heard what sounded like a mouse squeeking in the trunk, or perhaps the back wheel, they werent sure. After brief words they decided to stop and check it out. When reod got out of the car and approached the trunk he realized that they were actually screams coming from blocks away, he decided to investigate but first told his partner. As they walked, after a momentary silence they heard a volley of screams coming from an alleyway just past the building they were in front of. Keep in mind that Reod although kind at heart, just didnt have the stomach for the job. He was super intelligent, and always had control of what people percieved of him, but truly inside he was a very afraid person no matter how little he showed it. I guess its possible we all hold back some sum of fear and are actors. But when you vomit, well thats another story. And thats just what Reod did as they turned the corner. Reod being a good christian was saving his hot dog for his first and only bun. He altogether feared the opposite sex when in anything but a family or profesional environment. So when he saw the savage sight of 8 men having there way with this poor woman at the end of the alley, what else could he do but be weaked knee'd and collapse to the piss reeking alley. He splurted and splashed out a juicy helping of spaggetti, orange juice and a whole wheat bread roll. The spaggeti sauce was a secret family recipe with all kinds of veggies chopped into little chunks to disguise the savory taste of the just the right spices used. Now it was on his shoe and dripping in gelatinous strands from his nose. His partner on the other hand was so lucky to recieve the but end of a two by four that had been sent swinging around the corner. It wasnt that the cop was a cop, he just happened to be the 3rd random person to come around the corner, and the 3rd random person to recieve a square style indent in there head, or in the case of victim number one, his shoulder. Of course, once the mob learned he was a cop, one person drew a knife and chucked that too. He must of been in the circus if not for his carnie like appearance, than for the deadly knife throwing ability that landed the almost paper thin blade in the leg of Reods partner. He fell back and drew his gun, as this was going on reods instincts kicked in, or metaphorically speaking, put on his spiked shitkickers with asp venom tipped spikes and proceeded to open a can of. Reod pulled the gun from his holster and dumped off the clip killing 4 of the men and the now lifelass sack of jizm. But an intelligent man under pressure may break in some areas of mental control but not others, his reflexes now lightning quick having an empty stomach and a bloodstream filled with adrenaline dropped the clip before the smoke finished slithering out of the now warm barrel. Before the clip hit the ground, and without the pistol changing position, his right hand brought up a new clip and jammed it into place perfectly. He was now shooting the other 3 mother fuckers and let out a suttle "shit" realizing the collage of red juice sprayed amongst the inventive textures, being the alley way canvas of this presentation, that one of the tones was the luke-warm red sap of the poor woman. He dropped the second clip as soon as the last shell fired, and let out a second "shit". Turned to his partner who was now chuckling, partner saying "well well, so the kids got some spunk after all" followed by a hearty guffaw that turned into sick laughing that carried on past the healthy time alloted by the preceeding circumstances. The partner licked his finger, the red ooze brinnging a smile to his face. Reod dropped his empty gun to the ground and slumped against a pile of trash unaware of the garbage juice a mixture of god knows what was now soaking into his pristine uniform. He was dirty now, and he was going to do time. In the end Reod sustained a sentance much to the minor of what one might expect from the homicide of nine human beings. The story was twisted as can be done with situations, especially when a man of the law is harmed.

Reod Lives stay in prison was usually pretty comfortable except when the group fights would break out, and he was only just a face in the crowd. Then he got pummelled. He continued his education in prison and finally recieved his phd a few years after being out of the slammer. Hence the name Dr. Live. He worked sort of like a batman upholding the law with his own private means and maybe working together with the cops on some operations. He was battle hardened from his time in prison however protected he was, he was still one of the guys.

So there they were again, face to face, Mr. Black and Dr. Live in the setting of the Khmer Rouge underground.
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