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Little Buzzle beeps

Tinkering with their tiny toys, they smoothed and wiggled their tiny little bums, dancing aimlessly high up on the branches, laughing and smiling. The one on the ground reached ravinously into the small patch of mushrooms and sweeped them silently into his satin sack. Meanwhile Merly Mernans were triumphantly splicing notes with their atuneachords, strumming that soft ethnic beat into the hearts of others. Reaching slowly the eyedwellers and the long children were dancing in the pond to the right, makeing spackled specs of intense vibration trickle slowly into that presonified being. The forest children still danced and played high atop their branches, and slowly the play climaxed. Henry Hedgehog exclaimed he was the forest natter, and the frog didn't disagree. It was sometime in the afternoon, but it didn't really matter to me, the gentle breeze glifted glazeingly along my breezeway. I observed this forest alive with tantelizing terrafabalous tantrics. Toutenkaumen would have been spinning in his grave. Butterfly Bernaculars were brazing brilliantly in alcomous pairs. Friendly and Focatious were the little nim tins, always speaking in code, bip tip this and bope tope that. Leaf Guard was a natural, soaking silently the sloothy plant granted meta magical effects(technically speaking)His or Her eyes chymed the activation of the beast and the cloud past overhead. It wasn't long before it passed and i was back into this dancing realm. The forest child sat fat on my shoulder and clicked his tiny gyro's to that eternal song. I danced slowly to the beat of my mutatious mind, making miracle movements metastisize my muscle membraines. My arms begin to jive with the sun soaking softly. BOOM! i exclaimed, I WAS ON A ROLL! forget about it, what is a foogazi anyway?
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