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The Case of Richard M Makewood

The old priest sat silently on his old meditating silently into the wind. Nothing but fucking contrivences!the thought trickled slowly in, he observed it for a moment and it became clear that his most friendly notions were not correct.

Inspite the insipid insidentioles on dec.15 sometimes in the 2005 or 6 region. I was not the word to be used at this moment, natural beautification was immanent and the audossis combatents were in league with the generous man on the moon. Thus Richard M Makewood, the owner of lunar mining operations and part of the naked man project.

infidiles! the priest snapped, becoming increasingly aware of the words being printed, i am a bunch of words, but i have form. i am just being processed, oh my meat baggage, oh my golden mean.. my ackeing bones.

Tips and taps rang from his tipper tapping toes, the obtuse orbit maintained maximumly for fractions of ospicious terrible tantrics. Is what i said correct? or should i repeat it in shapes of 2's.

- The Johnathon Baxter Corperation

"we handle care!"
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