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On June 7, 1996, if you had read the New York Times, you may have come across
a strange article entitled "Undertaker Held After Decomposed Bodies Found".
Upon further reading, you would have learned that 37 year old funeral
home director Steven M. Marchi was arrested the day before because police had
found 5 badly decomposing bodies in his basement, which were though to have
been there for 6 months. What you would not have read was that what was
actually found in Steven M. Marchi's basement was 5 charred piles of ash, a thin
metal rod, 2 red craps dice, a roll of duct tape, and a cheaply
constructed model of the solar system hanging from a coat-hanger,
which in turn was hanging from a hook drilled into the ceiling.
Among the 5 piles of ash there lay 3 gold wedding rings, 1 silver cross
attached to a thin silver necklace, and 1 pair of moon-shaped silver earings.
As to how long the piles of ash had been there, you would also be mistaken
in thinking 6 months, as they had become what they were only that very day,
June 6, 1996. If you have been reading the Times since then, you would
have no idea that Steven M. Marchi escaped custody two days following his
arrest and has not since been heard from. And if you had read the front
page of the Times for April 24 2002, you wouldn't have made any connection
at all.

On April 15, 1998, Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot lay ill in his Cambodian hideout
located near the border of Thailand. Two days before, he had sent for a certain
American acquaintance of his, who he knew only as Multi Wang. He was unsure
this was the man's real name, and in fact, didn't seem to know anything
of the man's history, but had been in contact with him since a coincidental
meeting in a Vegas casino in 1983. He had had regular meetings with Wang
over the last 2 years, and it is not known what it was that they discussed,
but Wang had been seen on many occasions entering and leaving Pot's chamber
with a small black note book wrapped in a pink elastic band. Multi arrived
at Pot's base that morning and was lead to Pot's bed chamber. Little is known
of the conversation that took place in the room that day, but Multi was with
Pol Pot for just under an hour, and was reported to have left with the same
small black note book. The roar of American media coverage following Pot's death
that April 15, 1998,would leave out any reference to a mysterious visitor who had
been conversing with Pot for the previous two years, and consequently no one would
notice that in the hand of the man in black, shown fleeing the crime scene on the front
cover of the New York Times for April 24th, 2002, there was a small black note book
wrapped in a pink elastic band.

Dan Guadaloupe sold his last hand-sown wolf-embroidered wallet on April 25th
2002. The Tijuana police were baffled to find, in place of Dan, a pile of
ash lying just behind his roadside wallet stand. Only one witness had
been found, a small 7 year old boy named Alessandro, who as yet hadn't spoken
a word, and would only nod yes to questions asking if he had seen what had
happened to Mr. Guadaloupe. The following day, the chief of police, Juan
Warez, received a phone call from New York City, and 6 hours
later, Dr. Roed Live was sipping a cup of Columbian coffee from a
styrofoam cup in the office of Juan Warez, and fingering through a large
stack of police files.

In the ruins of New York City, a small boy named Alessandro is swinging on a
swing set along with a blind girl name Maria, while around them rubble,
rotting flesh, and shattered glass lies strewn across the playground. It's
getting dark, but fires light the night sky.

* * *
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